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Cruzan Cat is a little sister to Reef Express. Due to her shorter overall length of 43 feet she does not have the forward nets. She is USCG certified for 20 passengers and exposed waters. Currently she is used primarily for sightseeing trips and occasional snorkeling trips. The boat has a 125 HP Yanmar in each hull and will run around 22 knots top speed, and 18 knots is a very economical, comfortable speed. Cruzan Cat was designed for the same owner and builder as Reef Express. A sister ship of Cruzan cat, Happy Cat, was built at the same time. She was sold to a new owner and operates out of Robbies Marina in Isla Morada, FL.

With the open rear deck, this design will make a great dive boat with the addition of a swing down platform from the rear deck. Alternatively, with a change in the cabin layout this basic design would be an excellent family weekend boat that would be easy on fuel and minimal to maintain.

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