Squid is a very interesting boat.  She is the first diesel electric hybrid boat Walworth designs has created.  She is also one of the very few lithium ion battery powered hybrid boats to go through the USCG review process as a small passenger vessel.

The project started, as most do, with a phone call.  A gentleman in Key West, Billy Litmer, has an eco-tour company, Honest Eco Tours, https://honesteco.org/.  Honest Eco operates dolphin watch and snorkelling tours out of Key West.  He had crewed on an earlier Walworth Designs boat, Reef Express, and liked the fuel efficiency and ride of the boat.  Billy wanted to expand his company with a boat designed specifically for his trips.  With his eco-tour company, promoting fuel efficiency is a cause he believes in and has a positive effect on the operating costs for his business

The hybrid drivetrain, provided by Torqeedo, appealed to him as an excellent fit for his operation   The electric drivetrain allows the boat to operate at very slow speeds when watching the dolphins, yet still achieve a comfortable cruising speed when traveling out to the dolphin watch location and then to the snorkelling location.  At the end of the day the boat is plugged in for an overnight charge and is ready to go in the morning.  The diesel electric generator takes up any needed slack during the day.



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